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KBA Rapida 142-4+l ALV2,2006

Anasayfa » KBA Rapida 142-4+l ALV2,2006

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to offer you the following machine :

KBA Rapida 142-4+l ALV2,2006.

(4 colour and coater + extended delivery)

Paper format 142 x 102 cm

100 Mil.Imp.

– CX equipment for cardboard (up to 1,2 mm thick)

– Coating unit with closed chamber (Harris & Bruno) and 80 L/cm Anilox roller

– Additional anilox roller for the coating unit (100 lines)

– Extended delivery of 2.6 m (ALV2)

– FAPC – fully automatic plate change

– Cooling for electronic cabinet

– Press raised 420 mm on a plinth

– ACR control – automatic register control

– Device to detect foreign bodies on the infeed

– Double sheet electromechanical control on the feeder

– Double sheet control with ultrasound sensor

– Non-stop feeder – manual

– Dust extraction at the infeed

– Automatic washing systems for printing cylinders/blankets/rollers (4 units)

– Unwinder for washing machine cloth rollers

– Semi-automatic plate change in the coating unit

– Automatic NON-STOP roller at the delivery

– Weko AP 262 powder sprayer with connection to the control console

– Plate punching system Grapho Metronic/BACHER

– IR/hot air dryer in extended delivery

No damages in impression, plate and blanket cylinders

In excellent working condition / in production / inspection & print test possible

Additional photos & video available – Please contact us

Price : 845,000 Euro – LOT.

Located in Europe

Available from end of October 2023, still under power, can be print tested

Thank you for your attention

Hope hearing from you soon.