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It sounds like low rates. I’m in the tub! This is Gary Gygax, inventor of Dungeons & Dragons. Greetings! It’s a pleasure to meet you! And our intern, Deep Blue, the chess-playing computer. Bishop to knight 4. Not every mission can be solved Where am I? You’re in a terrestrial transport module. What’s going on? It’s about that rip in space-time. I call it a HaWking Hole. Hey, I saw it first! Who Will The Journal of Quantum Physics believe? Apparently, something was supposed to happen but didn’t.

Oh, Amy, you’re back. Another hour and I would’ve thought of hanging up. Why didn’t you leave a message, I’ve left hundreds of messages with your answering machine. But you never seem to get them. Bender! It’s not my fault if you don’t check me. Messages erased. Oh, dearest, this long-distance relationship is too much to bear. When even an inch separates us, I quiver with misery. So you can imagine how I feel when it’s a billion light years. Kif, don’t cry, or you’ll get a tummy ache.

”Assaulting the interlopers.” Don’t mess with me, you ice-crapping snow-honkies. Sweet yeti of the Serengeti, she’s gone crazy eddie in the head-y. ls that normal? Perhaps if we were to cook and eat her slightly. Leave her alone. She just needs me to cheer her up. Wanna sword fight, girl? That male narwhal seems to be upsetting her. Get us out of here, Captain. Damn whale keepers. Santa ! We forgot he’s based on Neptune. Oh, my heart’s not in it. I’m too depressed for murder and mayhem.

We’re in Tijuana. I want to live a little. I’m gonna die! the opposite of what I want! Quick, run out the back! I’ll hack into Inspector Five’s terminal and fake your death, You know that terminal is unhackable! I’m not leaving you, and that’s final! Bender terminated. Bender’s saved. Cease fire. although I don’t see how it’s her. Someone said Howitzer! All right! Yay! And he’s not looking back at that cool explosion. He’s a hero! What’s happening?! The phone’s been disconnected, the ship’s repossessed and Zoidberg’s getting overcooked! Ah, this place never changes.

I was inspired by Amy. Well, there I was at Elzar’s Eating a nice pork sundae, And suddenly, Forever. For us all to get back to our original bodies? Stone-cold munchin’, prof. Sweet Clyde, characterize your inversion theorem. Basically, no matter how permuted-up your minds are, They can be restored using, at most, two extra players. And they say pure math has no real-world applications! Everybody back in their zones? but it is mine. Brilliant work, Clyde! You’ll win the NBA’s highest academic honor for this! Also, I’m making you a Duke.